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Having so many people from Parks creatively involved could give the series a Parks and Rec -like feel. Ansari has been focused on the subject lately, as his recent stand-up routines and upcoming book, Modern Romance , discuss the difficulties of dating in modern times.

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From the nuances of deciphering early relationship text messages to the weirdness of online dating, Ansari is deeply interested in the funny sociological aspects of how dating works now. Live at Madison Square Garden saw Ansari accomplish the enviable feat of selling out the venue as well as tell his sharpest jokes yet.

Club, which gave the special an A grade.

For some of the bits in that special, he even shared some of his own text messages between him and his girlfriend, as well as enticed a brave audience member to relinquish their phone and have texts read to the stadium. Intimate Moments is rough around the edges, an awkwardly assembled jumble of anecdotes, R. Kelly jokes and an ill-advised ending in which Ansari performs as Raaaaaaaandy from Funny People. As Ansari says of R. Madison Square Garden is Ansari at his most personal.

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He jokes about his parents and brings them onstage at the end. But Buried Alive is still his stand-up pinnacle by a hair. He leans just a little too hard on the size of the venue, too, asking the audience to participate in polls with their applause.

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Buried Alive is a perfect bite of everything delicious about Ansari. May Saunders is a professional dog walker living in Minneapolis and an occasional freelance writer. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her cat, who does not need to be walked.

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