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In this case, it's more of "don't listen to an person that gets paid to write shitty articles for a shitty online publication. But hey, I think this is probably something everyone can agree on regardless of their medication of choice! Reddit bans links to Elite Daily. I actually had to manually approve this post after it got caught in reddit's spam filter.

So clearly reddit has a distaste for ED as well.

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Also, it has the same abbreviation as Erectile Distention. All that illustrates is the back and forth vacillation of the female hamster.

Women truly do no know what the fuck they want. Because this woman knows that the primary audience for this article is other women, not men. Look at the Facebook comments below the article. If this same woman was asked by a guy, "how do I get a good woman", none of the shit she posted here would cross her lips. It would be the typical "oh I want a nice guy who treats me like I deserve and is a gentleman and is chivalrous and is funny and blah blah blah".

But when she's trying to resolve cognitive dissonance about this, she will turn to other women and admit in 15 different ways she finds "assholes" to be "haawt". Yeah, and they're outraged. Both groups will post these articles on their Facebook's saying "I can't believe someone would write this! And then guys like you will read it and post the link here, so that more people will read it.

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  7. And at the end of the day, thousands of people are reading her articles. That's what it was designed to do. If she wrote an article saying "I like men who are nice and in shape" how many views do you think that would get? You still haven't explained why when she says something you agree with it's "because she knows her audience is women", but when she says something you disagree with it's "she's a hamster and doesn't know what she's talking about".

    You still haven't explained why when she says something you agree with it's "because she knows her audience is women", when she says something you disagree with it's "she's a hamster and doesn't know what she's talking about". Because you have to change the words in my mouth to try to make your argument. I never said "she doesn't know what she's talking about", I said women "don't know what the fuck they want. They want so badly to tingle for Beta Bux, but for some reason they can only tingle for Alpha Fux.

    Serious question, are you twelve years old? Are we all going to end up on a watchlist for discussing sex with a child? If she's saying things on both ends of the spectrum then that validates the other side just as much. Again, you're proving my point. Here OKCupid and Match profiles are targeted at men. Her Thought Catalog and Elite Daily posts are targeted at women. Am I triggering you or something? If such a benign slang term you read on the internet is so offensive and troubling to you, I suggest you seek therapy.

    Is a fucking useless statement with not even the slightest shred of either empirical or even anecdotal evidence. I was just sorta saying the schizophrenic nature of her posting is what makes HER hard to take seriously. I hate this kind of "journalism". That said, I'm willing to bet she knows exactly what she's doing. There's a reason why we're discussing her article right now. You know who the boring guy is. Id say this is much more than a tacit admission that she is saying that being an asshole is making him attractive. Pure physical attraction is explicitly ruled out.

    Him being hot is why she allowed him to take her to dinner and buy her expensive bottles of wine. What she's really lamenting here is that, by being hot, he fooled her into thinking he was AF when he was really a Beta Bux. And she's not ready to settle on Beta Bux yet because she's not done riding the cock carousel. Most likely because she chose this guy over another dude dudes, and lost a night she will never get back which could have been better spent on the carousel.

    She picked the one horsie on the carousel that's broken and doesn't go up and down like the others.

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    The carousel still goes around, but she's not having as much fun as the other girls, and that makes her sad and frowny. I'd feel bad that her expectations weren't met, but I'm sure either a next new prospect; or b regular casual fuck, were texted during the dinner to either meet up later or make sure they're 'still on' for tomorrow night. What's going to be more interesting is in five years when she is relegated to 'Lifestyle' columnist from 'Dating' columnist. Even Elitedaily needs to keep their reporters even plausibly believable, and a post-wall, jaded, woman is no dating columnist.

    Interesting is the most bullshit, pussy cop out word when it comes to anything regarding attraction. I remember a girl once told me when we were cuddling after sex, and we were talking about how we first met and started talking, and she said "You were at X show and I thought you were interesting. We knew the same people, and you SAW me. You thought I was hot. It's ok, I thought you were hot too. I've never denied that interesting guys will do better with women than Nice GuysTM. You don't have to be an asshole. But the reason why assholes are so "hot" to women is not because of their asshole tendencies, but because they're not spineless.

    You can be confident, assertive and dominant without being an asshole. The passive is hard to do. Passive dread game occurs when you have high status. Women will not want to lose a high status male to another woman. And by high status, I mean he is successful physically, socially, mentally and financially. This means a man must constantly keep up being successful, otherwise his 'passive dread game' is gone. Active dread game is somewhat easier to do and is probably what you consider to be "a dick move".

    It is essentially actively letting a girl know that you have options by talking to other girls. It's not necessarily flirting with other girls, but simply being around other girls works enough. Dread game also isn't even really a TRP term. It comes from the PUA community, where you basically surround yourself with women to appear 'wanted' by other women.

    Absolutely, which is why I hate this "nice guy vs asshole" debate. It completely misses the point. Maybe I was misinformed then, because I've seen posts of TRPers in LTRs who deliberately flirt with other women when their wife isn't behaving the way they want them to. And then since it's "just" flirting they can pull back and be like "what? I wasn't doing anything. Maybe if you'd blow me more often I wouldn't do that".

    But if for the most part it's just ignoring people who don't think highly of you then I guess I'm guilty of that myself. Lots of people do this. Anyone with self-respect does it. But the thing is, TRP's blunt language makes them take it to a whole other level, whether intentionally or not.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    The point of dread game is to show that the guy shouldn't be taken for granted. That's all there is, really. Improving oneself and being social and talking to other girls demonstrates higher value another PUA concept. Like I said in a previous comment, I'm not for being a dick. You're pretty much repeating what I said in a previous comment here.

    Except if you NEED to resort to passive-aggressiveness to save your relationship, you shouldn't be in that relationship and it's a dick move.

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    I wonder how much of it's due to imposition of rules and law so the assholes appear to be interesting just by the virtue of breaking those conventions. That's part of it.

    Why Ms. Independent Can't Find Mr. Right - Annie White - TEDxWilmingtonWomen

    There's a reason why the "rule-breaker bad boy" is such a popular trope. You're perceived as daring if you play by your own rules. But "asshole" is a phrase that means something different to every individual. I knew plenty of Nice Guys TM that would call every fit, well-dressed man who's successful with women a douchebag. I knew plenty of Nice GuysTM that would call every fit, well-dressed man who's successful with women a douchebag. Which is why saying "assholes get women" is kinda pointless because it all depends on what your definition of an asshole is.

    Elite daily dating an independent woman

    All this "proves" is that mainstream society doesn't disagree too much with the tenets of TRP, despite what TRP protests. Only if a woman is saying it "don't question women law" is more powerful than the "don't talk about TRP" law. If a man wrote this he'd be fire by now. She has the vag shield AND "this is just my personal experience" shield against feminists. So is TRP the inverse, where anything written by a woman is false unless it aligns with their exact worldview?

    And I'm not sure how familiar you are with Elite Daily, but it publishes sexist articles written by men all the time, which seems to contradict your "vag shield" hypothesis. Making her way to ED, she now writes riveting commentary on nude pics, condoms and first dates. Judging by the articles she writes she seems to be always justifying her celibacy.