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The only person in this film that remotely tries to act is A. Johnson, though he is basically all mouth in the spirit of Chris Tucker. This movie starts with a unoriginal plot but then quickly gets off the plot and tries to be too many things at once, putting another flaw on this extremely flawed movie.

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My final 2 cents: Watch it 3 times in your life, and never make any contact with this film again. This is one awful, awful comedy and a waste of a fine cast. Just one failed attempt at humor after another, with such crude and flat gags. The film leads nowhere, thinking it can be fueled strictly on laughs. But there's a problem: There was one funny joke and it was given away in the previews.

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If you happen to catch this movie on cable, that scene is worth waiting for. But don't waste any money to rent this movie.

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I've seen more than my share of bad movies. I've seen my share, your share, probably your dad's share too. And the lady who delivers your mail Monday through Friday, the one who sometimes waves to you when you're out waiting for your dog to take a shizer, I've definitely seen her share.

It declared "Hook Up" to be the absolute worst film the critic had ever seen, and set about quoting some of the supposedly awful lines from the movie. It was upon reading these quotes that I decided I had to go see this flick immediately. It's cut from the same cloth and features a few of the same key cast members as well. The cinematography and overall look of the film are surprisingly impressive as well the production value is actually better than "Friday". But the greatest part of this film is the dialog and characters. At times, it almost feels like they cast hilarious people and just let them say whatever they wanted.

I added several of my favorite lines in hopes that some of you guys might laugh and check out this film.

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Humphy 14 July This movie is stupid, the plot is basically meaningless, and there is no real drama. And it's a good thing, because this is a comedy. Whether intended to be funny or not, parts of this movie are not only incredibly humorous, but astounding. If you ask me, a movie with Anthony Johnson and "Tiny" Lester cannot be bad.

Master P could have played a better role like a mob boss instead of a little street hustler. A great movie Amanda 16 January I thought this movie was so weird that it made it great.

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I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's worth your time and money. I also think you'd enjoy it better if you were a Master P fan. He was great and cute in the movie. All in all it's good. Mattchoo-2 16 January This movie, although kind of crude and rough around the edges represented a great film made by a great man. I mean, give the guy some credit. His movie may not be Oscar material, but I have noticed that people that criticize other people's work tend to not know how to do it any better.

So, get a life those of you who are not Master P supporters. I thought this movie wasn't that bad OptikRed 30 April When I went to see this movie I was hesitant, but it actually turned out to be really funny. I felt like i was watching the real sequel to "Friday". The movie is quirky and hilarious. There are a lot of notable actors many from "Friday" the others are rappers off of Master P's No Limit label.

Ice Cube has a cameo where he sells a stolen car to AJ Johnson. If you liked "Friday" and have got nothing against Master P I recommend this movie. Believe me you will be laughing Master P is the worst actor in the history of performance. You will never see anything as bad as his stunningly horrific attempts at acting. His awful pick up lines couldn't pick up dog crap, let alone a woman. I got the Hook Up as a film itself is very weak.

It tries to be another Friday but fails miserably. The Plot is a joke, and by the time you finish the film, you forget what the film was all about. But Master P has manage to include a few flashes of brilliance. Then there's the Acting Performance of the millennium by a retard with a disabled sticker on his bike. Worth watching just for his tour de force of a performance. Should have recieved an academy award nomination in my opinion. Yes it is bad. But its got Ice Cube in it! Make no mistake this is a pretty bad film but in that vein it excels.

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Parts of it are so bad you can't help but enjoy the hell out of it I just recently saw the review by some homie who accused this movie to be a blatant rip off of Friday. With all due respect to the dude because he from tha N. Simple because the comedian Anthony "AJ" Johnson was naturally funnier than Chris Tucker as smokey because he didn't have to use his trademark or gimmick like Chris Tucker to be funny, such as the bobbin of the head when he puts emphasis on a particular word like "MAN"! Perfect example, when he was having a exchange with Sheryl Underwood's character in the movie, he said she looked like Wesley Snipes when he did the movie: I am not a fan of Master P's music or movies, but I would rather sit through one of his CD's for an hour than be forced to watch his cinematic exploits.

When I think of his movies, one of the titles sticks out, Foolish. This sums up what all of his movies are. The acting is terrible, the scripts are lame, confusing, non existent, or a combination of all three. He just cranked out junk to add money to his growing empire. When a producer casts his family, friends, and label mates in all his films, this should be a clue it definitely won't be nominated for an Oscar.

Granted, AJ Johnson is funny in most of his roles, but when given nothing to work with, what can you do? Master P thinks he is the next Ice Cube.

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Wake up call, Ice Cube has talent, something Master P seriously lacks. I think the movie viewing public will be safe for a while from being tortured by another No Limit movie production considering almost everyone on the label is either facing some type of criminal charge or serving time for being found guilty on charges brought against them. As long as video cameras and crew are not allowed inside prisons, we should be OK for at least years. The scene where his mum and dad went to bail Blue?? She was sprinkling Holy water!!!. She was cursing all the demons in the form of prisoners to disappear.

That scene almost killed me. I actually laughed and ended up weeping. When some of the prisoners heckled her, she shouted at them, "Your Mama, All your mamas". That's one of my fave jail scenes of all time. Everybody's being too harsh on this movie. It contains some genuinely surreal comic moments and AJ Johnson makes the film watchable even when nothing else does. Sure Master P is about as articulate and emotive as Shaquille O'Neal, but that doesn't stop the supporting characters and nutty, irreverent script from elevating this above the typical "'hood comedy" formula.

Where else can you find a "differently-abled" street gang, a dope-smoking grandma, a crackhead willing to do anything for "T-T-Two dollars", and John Witherspoon? OK probably a bunch of films but this one is worth a look anyway. I quote nearly as many lines from this one as I do from "Friday". For the right kind of person, this movie is very entertaining.

Black and Blue are two street hustlers who run a ghetto superstore. When they take delivery of a load of mobile phones they think they have it made and start selling them like hot cakes.

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