Tips on dating for teenage guys

Teenage is one of the best phases in any boy's life. One of the most cherished memories of this phase is the first crush, the first girl they dated or asked out to the prom. Dating in teenage years is a beautiful feeling, where the attraction, care, infatuation, etc. However, in this juvenile yet wonderful stage of life, there are many things that need to be learned about dating, especially for boys. At the age group of 13 to 19, no guy wants a commitment, or even knows enough about it.

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This is when there are many serious lifelong mistakes that are committed because of less knowledge about relationships, both emotionally and physically. However, dating can be a fun experience, if taken in a healthy manner. Top Ten Dating Tips for Teenage Guys Even though dating during the teenage years is a huge responsibility for both the partners and their parents, it can be made into a trustworthy and secure phase of growing up. Young boys are however at a very immature and confused stage in their early teens, thus this article concentrates on dating tips for teenage boys who are aged 15 to In the paragraphs below, you will get a slight idea about how to deal with dating in teenage years, in the form of some easy teen dating tips.

Firsts are Always Special A crush is the best phase of dating, as your feelings for the girl you like are superficial yet very strong. When she looks at you and smiles or blushes, or makes an attempt to find out more about you, that is a hint for you to ask her out! If she accepts it, well, you are in the second phase of dating.

However, contemplate each of her hints, as you don't want to make a fool out of yourself. Communicate the Right Things Now that you are seeing her on a regular basis, find out what she likes and what she doesn't. Share your favorites and open up to her, so that she feels comfortable with you. But yes, do not talk only about yourself, as that is a huge turnoff for girls.

Setting Dating Rules & Boundaries with Your Teen

The more you communicate, the more you become good friends. Be a Good Listener As I said earlier, don't brag too much about yourself, as girls are talkers too!

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  • Tips for Teenage Guys to Have a Healthy Dating Experience.

When she is saying something, try to listen to her and contribute later. This way, she will trust you and share more information about herself. Communicating is one of the most important dating tips for guys in their teens, because, you find out if your crush is compatible for dating or not, only after you know her better! Don't Try Too Hard Another very important thing about dating when you are young, is that boys tend to try very hard either to make a relationship work or are not interested at all.

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  7. Don't be insecure about things, and if you are, talk it out with her. Establish dating rules and expectations. Establish rules early on for such things as curfews and dating activities—before your teen starts coming up with his or her own plans. Teach your teen to date responsibly. Encourage your teenager to avoid sexually stimulating TV shows, videos, and movies when dating.

    Also, be sure to talk about inappropriate internet and texting behaviors. Teach your teens to recognize manipulative language and reject such lines as, "If you really love me, you'll do this for me," or "You know we both want to, so don't act like such a prude. Don't allow your teens to date older persons. Teenage girls tend to have their first sexual experience with male partners who are three or more years older. For teenage boys, their first sexual encounter is likely to be with girls who are less than a year older.

    Be a smart parent and encourage your kids to date persons in their same age group.

    Seven Rules for Teen Dating

    How to talk to your teen about freedom and responsibility. Learning how to give and earn respect from your peers and the adults in your life can take you pretty far. Although hormones and brain development can make self-control a bit more challenging during this time, practice making thoughtful decisions. It makes getting along with people much easier and saves you a ton of energy. Being respectful means thinking about other people's feelings and treating them with kindness. Even though it's hard to do, try to take a deep breath and pause before you respond to others, instead of reacting to their statements.

    Imagine a friend or arch nemesis said something that bothered you.

    Teenage Love: Girlfriends and Boyfriends

    Pause, take a breath and then respond. Sometimes when we respond immediately we let our emotions get the best of us. Plus it's always best not to let rude people see you sweat. Show others that you can be trusted by sticking to your word and following through.

    Advice for Teenage Boys

    This means that if you aren't able to do what you said you were going to that you let people know beforehand. You can say, "I'm sorry I won't be able to pick you up later. In relationships, being dependable can bring you closer together whether you're with friends or the person you're dating. Creating concrete goals can help keep you motivated as well as prepare you for more difficult tasks in the future. To keep yourself focused, stay organized. To work on following through, create a list of tasks in order of importance.

    You can do so on your phone or a calendar. Next, break your goals up into manageable tasks. This will make it feel less daunting. Give yourself well-deserved breaks after working hard and come up with some small rewards for yourself.

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    Think about mishaps or mistakes as learning experiences, instead of being hard on yourself. Learning how to interact with people who you may disagree with can help you get your point across without causing unnecessary arguments. When you are able to communicate in a direct and understanding way, relationships can become a lot more fun and way easier to manage. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help. If you are struggling you can say, "I'm wondering if you can help me out with insert problem.

    That means you fully understand what the other person is saying before you respond and you ask questions to clarify confusing subjects or language. At school, you may encounter teachers or administrative staff who you have a difficult time getting along with. To avoid causing more friction, try to remain calm and be thoughtful about how you choose to speak to them.

    Remember you can't control their behavior, only your own.

    Tips for Teenage Guys to Have a Healthy Dating Experience

    If you are dealing with a difficult person at school, keep your interactions short and polite. That way you are less likely to have to deal with an angry person. Follow school policy, try to avoid engaging with them often, and speak with your family or a trusted staff member if interactions become hostile. There can be a lot of tension between you and your family members as you get older.

    During this time, you are slowly breaking away and becoming an independent adult.